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All paraffin heaters distributed in Europe must at least have the CE seal of approval. Certain countries such as France and Germany have additional safety regulations as well as the CE seal. These are assured via the NF and Tuv/GS seals of approval. For example NF/GS approved heaters are fitted with an infrared CO2 sensor to monitor air quality, and the fuel type is specified exactly. In combination with the correct fuel and instructions for use, these seals of approval have led to flue less paraffin heaters being regarded these days as a safe, flexible and frequently economical form of heating.

Toyotomi own the Zibro brand. They are a Japanese manufacturer and have been making paraffin heaters since the war and are widely regarded as the best manufacturer of paraffin heaters by the retail trade. In 2012 Ecor Pro joined forces with Toyotomi in Europe to help design some Toyotomi units & sell Zibro heaters in Europe representing the Toyotomi brand. More can be learned here.

The NF/GS seal for flue less (mobile) paraffin heaters is described in the norm NF – D 35.300 issued by AFNOR and the subsequently updated directive NF 128. Adherence to the various safety regulations is monitored both by the renowned French inspection institute LNE (Laboratoire National des Essais) and EUROVENT – CERTITA in Paris. Paraffin heaters compliant with the NF/GS requirements are permitted to carry the specific seal of approval. In addition, the exact specifications that the fuel must meet are described in a French legal decree (Arrêté 25-06-2010). If a fuel meets the product specification set by this norm, it is suitable for all makes of heater because the EUROVENT-CERTITA / LNE adheres to this norm when issuing its NF/GS seal for heaters. As well as having the correct fuel specification, it is important that the product is measured out correctly and that the logistical process guarantees the quality until delivery to the consumer, without the risk of contamination by water or other harmful substances.

Mobile Zibro paraffin heaters work by ‘open combustion’, which means they draw the oxygen required for combustion from the room where they are located. It is therefore always essential to ensure good ventilation and to adhere to the manufacturer’s indications regarding the minimum space volume in which the heater should be used. The new generation of fuels are virtually free of sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbons to guarantee high quality combustion. However, one should always ensure normal ventilation and a supply of fresh air when using flue-less heaters of this type.

The indications on how and when to change the wick will vary, depending on the make of paraffin heater. You should therefore first read the instructions or indications on the website of the relevant product. In general, heaters with wicks are more sensitive to variations in the quality of the fuel that is used. This comes about because the wick material (partly cotton, felt or fibreglass) can become blocked; the upper edge then gets hard and the wick eventually needs changing. There are no exact guidelines regarding the life of a wick ( 1 to 3 seasons is usual, providing the fuel is compliant with European directives on viscosity and sulphur, benzene and aromatic hydrocarbon content). Most notably, the ‘cheaper’ paraffin types sold at petrol stations frequently fail to comply with the aforesaid directives, and are more likely to be contaminated with harmful substances, leading to excessive wear of (components of) the heater.

The Zibro paraffin heater will always briefly give off some odour (1 – 2 minutes) on igniting and extinguishing it. This is because the heater is not yet up to temperature or, conversely, because some unburned gases are released after extinguishing. The use of odourless paraffin (defined as having a maximum aromatic hydrocarbon content of 1% m/m) has now reduced the traditional ‘odour problems’ of paraffin heaters to a minimum. With Premium Heating Liquids thee will be little but probably no smell during operation.We recommend “Caldo Premium” paraffin which is widely available from Garden centres, DIY stores, hardware shops and online. Laser heaters produce less smell than double burning wickDouble burning has less smell over single wick.It should be stressed that the smell is only apparent at the initial stages and when perhaps switching off the Zibro heater.

We recommend Caldo Premium paraffin which is available on line, in DIY stores, garden centers and hardware shops.

Strictly speaking no but this takes into consideration that the boat is moving and there is a danger of the unit tipping over (note all units have a tip over safety feature). If tipped slightly this may trigger so the Zibro Heater must be flat.

Usually yes but if the Zibro Heater has a CO2 sensor there may be a difficulty. The CO2 will concentrate around the heater switching it off if there is not a circulation of air. Also a lack of oxygen or poor ventilation will give poor burning on wick fires. Always use in well ventilated areas.

Laser heaters use an electric fan to distribute heat.There is a more even temperature around the room.Laser heaters are often more fuel efficient

Wick Zibro Heaters are battery powered so need no main electricity to operate.Ideal where there is no power supply is available and localised heating is needed.

Everything will depend on the size of the room and what its being used for.A small room will not need a large heater.Every Zibro Heater has a power rating and a guide on the coverage that heater should cope with in normal circumstances.

Like a gas heating system they need servicing once per 1-3 years.Electronic models will indicate this on the control panel.In that case, contact us and we will arrange collection and service and redelivery to you (not included in warranty).

All parts except for the consumable parts like fuel, burner mats and wicks. Please read the full terms here

All Zibro Heaters have a fairly basic design that means especially the wick units can last over 20 years with proper care.The more complicated the unit the more that can go wrong in time.A normal heater that is looked after should last 7 years or more.

All Zibro Heaters have a fairly basic design that means especially the wick units can last over 20 years with proper care.The more complicated the unit the more that can go wrong in time.A normal heater that is looked after should last 7 years or more.

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