Portable air conditioners provide effective cooling to spaces without access to permanent air conditioning or even areas that simply need supplemental cooling. With their simple installation and ease of mobility, portable ACs are a popular choice for cooling bedrooms, offices, basements, computer rooms, and more. 

Low Price – When compared to other air conditioning types like split systems, most portable air conditioners are affordable single-room comfort solutions.

Little Installation Required – Simple to install and the and vent using the provided window kit. It takes just a few steps to instantly create a more comfortable indoor environment. Typically, vented through a window or a door. 

Portable and Convenient Comfort – Because they’re so easy to set up, portable air conditioners offer the ultimate in user-friendly comfort. Caster wheels make it extremely simple to move from room to room as needed.As long as you’re in a room with access to a window or sliding door so that the unit can be exhausted of the heat.

Optional Year-Round Operation

Dehumidification:- Built-in dehumidification mode is great especially on muggy or rainy days. This setting helps to remove excess moisture from your indoor environment, leaving you feeling more comfortable. Self-evaporation, means all of the moisture that’s collected by the unit is automatically expelled from the air conditioner through the exhaust duct.

Fan-Only Operation:- Ideal for days that don’t require cooling or heating, but when you still want fresh air moving throughout your room, this setting runs the fan by itself to help keep air flowing.

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